GMRS, What do I need to know

Whiskey Radio Juliet Echo Six Nine Zero Jorge Tweet Hey, Did you know that is a newer trail communication alternative to the CB? Well, even when you answer yes or no, It’s time to address the subject and help to educate and promote correct trail communication use as part of our Tread Lightly journey. That […]

Creating a second layout in xLights

¬†This post intend to explain how I create multiple xLights layouts that allocate our different yearly events RGB display formats. Plus a few tips on how to organize your show folder a little more efficiently. If you are anything like me and you have different props for each of your yearly station RGB display and […]

How to become better at cooking

cusina elements

Recall when jump in your car and enters the freeway at rush traffic hour for the first time, intimidating, right? But then after a few times and experimentation cruising true the freeway becomes a walk in the park. With some dogs barking at distance, of course. ¬†Cooking its the same way, for that reason I […]

Beautiful Woman Smiling

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